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But, behind every name there is a story

This story is about making a choice between the meg dynamics of modern life and the fascinating romance of wine and the provincial idyll. A story that arises after a series of casual encounters, but not by accident ...

The idea behind ​​the "Chateau Des Bergers" adventure came to its founder suddenly, when captured by the memories among the ancient and familiar landscape of his childhood, he suddenly realized he had been longing for it for so long. A dusty bottle of dark wine found in the enchanting coolness of the old grandfather's house in the village of Ovcharovo showed him the direction his life needed to take.

That summer day, he looked at the house with the idea of ​​selling it. The heat covering like a veil the countryside, and even the cellar felt warm and soft. He went down there for no reason and ... stayed. The only light was coming from a naked smoky bulb, and on the walls - shelves hanging full of chuckles and bottles that have caught the scent of the joyful years of his childhood. Later he would say that this was unconscious, in some inexplicable way, a chemical reaction. The city's fatigue stayed behind him and his senses were sharpened - the past had spoken. He touched the glass surfaces, everything was covered with time and memories. He raised a bottle to the light, and somewhere high up, from a distance, heard a song - the one he used to hear before going to sleep when he was a small child. A wax plug, a coarse handwritten label - Harvest 1970, the year he was born. The mythical and determined look of the Aries struck him through the dark glass - a thousand-year symbol of wisdom, fiery fervor and abundance. The memories popped up one after another as a splash of champagne - the first battles, the first kiss, the first escape. Confusion, embarrassment and desire broke into him as waves.

Shortly after, an occasional encounter with Paul Bord, a specialist and enologist who came straight from the homeland of wine - Bordeaux, France, provoked him to realize again that the trail he wanted to leave was another, more significant ...

The signs followed one after another and soon the decision to restore the deserted vineyards near the village was taken. The enthusiasm of a beginner, the experience of the French consultant and the invaluable help of partners were that decisive element that turned the wheel on the road to Chateau des Bergèrs.

Appropriate circumstances sometimes occur unexpectedly - fate, magic or chance, no one knows. From time to time something small, unwittingly brings about a change in the existing order that we have so diligently set up.

No matter how generous the hand of destiny is, no matter how good our education is and no matter ow far up the professional ladder we are, sooner or later the call of the native within us begins to whisper, recite and even scream, and that is what happened to the founder of Chateau des Bergérs in the not-so-long ago 2008. A catharis, a man experiences no matter how well he lives.

Of course, we know that wine "speaks", moreover - it has thousands of voices. Every glass, every bottle brings the spirit of past times, keeps secrets, unties the tongue and tells stories of brilliant works, bold wins, love plans ... The truth is in the wine. In vino veritas.

We are all witnesses to the daily spells that surround us, but few of us notice them, few respond to the call of the heart.

"Chateau Des Bergers" became a reality in 2012 as a result of personal drive, professional erudition and especially love. Love for the roots and belief in the potential of the fertile land, which today grows 150 decares of vineyards. Chateau des Bergèrs wines are awarded by the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - gold and silver medal in 2016 for the delicious Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay 2014 and the emblematic Cabernet Franc 2013 and gold medal in 2017 for Cabernet Franc & Merlo 2014. Our variety portfolio also covers Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonney, Rose, Pino Noir, Merlot.

Located on the northern slopes of the Balkan, the vineyards' terroir is particularly suited for white wines - we grow Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties, but we are also proud of our red varieties Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. The vines are treated manually and land-friendly, the yields are controlled to achieve the best quality, and the grape harvest and grape selection are also done manually as our ancestors have done in the past.

The capacity of the cellar is 55-60,000 bottles per year.

"Chateau Des Bergers" creates boutique wine for connoisseurs and mostly for friends who have trusted the alchemy of the simple, fancy-free life.

And remember it is not the first wine we have drunk that counts, but the last.